• The complaints procedure will be managed with the designated staff. No higher authority will become involved unless the person complaining asks for assistance in handling the complaint.
  • The superintendent pharmacist will administer the procedure.
  • In the event of a complaint being directed against the Superintendent another member of the panel will be elected to administer the procedure.
  • Lord’s Pharmacy will provide written information about the complaints procedure on request.
  • Complaints will be acknowledged in writing within two working days
  • An explanation will be provided within 20 days. To assist quality monitoring records of all complaints, the action taken and the outcome will be kept in a Complaints log located in the admin office.
  • Staff must report any complaints to the Superintendent Pharmacist. If the Superintendent is not available, report the complaint to the Director who will acknowledge the complainant using the acknowledgement written template and pass back to the Superintendent Pharmacist.


  • The complainant can contact our complaints team via  
  • A person who wishes to make a complaint will be directed to the selected administrator who will handle the initial contact and provide the person with a copy of the complaint procedure.
  • If necessary an interview (not face-to-face) will be set up at a convenient time to hear the complaint in full.
  • A family member/carer may liaise with the complaint handler on behalf of the complainant as long as valid written authority is provided.

Information about the procedure will include where appropriate:

  • How the complaint will be dealt with
  • Anticipated timetable
  • Rules of confidentiality
  • Possible outcomes to manage patient expectation
  • How to pursue the complaint through a higher authority if necessary
  • Time limit for the complaint.

The Investigation

  • Will be carried out by interviewing the staff member involved.

The Response

  • The findings will be discussed with the relevant panel.
  • If the complaint was straightforward a written response will be sent within 20 days.
  • If the investigation is not complete within 20 days, an explanation of the delay must be sent and a full response made within 5 days of the conclusion being reached.
  • If further investigation or discussion is necessary the person who complained will be given information on how to pursue the matter through the appropriate authorities.
  • The staff member may be suspended pending investigation.


  • The complaints procedure will be audited annually or earlier as required.

Any other type of complaint? Contact the General Pharmaceutical Council. Follow the URL to find out more:

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