BOOK A PCR Test (Fit to Fly) £150

  • Swab test to detect current symptoms.

Lord’s Pharmacy offers a COVID-19 PCR test for travelers. The test is performed by our trained staff and is an oral and nasopharyngeal swab that will detect current coronavirus infection.

Our tests are 99% accurate and are recognized internationally and are conducted in our UKAS accredited laboratory. A negative result will enable passengers to travel to certain countries. It is important that you check the deadline requirements for conducting the COVID-19 PCR test prior to your journey to the country you are traveling to (this is usually 48-72 hours before embarking upon your journey).

  • Fit to Fly certificate included.
  • Results within 24 hours.
  • A trained member of staff will take your sample 

(If there is a requirement for any extra documents an additional charge will be made).

We recommend wearing a face mask when you attend for your appointment.

If you have any queries please email or call
020 7586 9668

Our organisation is accredited for Covid 19 sampling.  Our testing is performed by our UKAS accredited partner laboratory.

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