Ayumi Organic Coconut Enriched Hair Oil- 150ml


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Fatty acid-rich, nutrient-dense Ayumi Coconut Henna Rosemary Hair Oil nurtures hair and strengthens follicles while revitalizing hair bulbs for healthy hair growth. This formula contains nourishing oil like Organic Coconut that penetrates deeply into the hair shaft and fortifies hair strands reducing protein loss. These replenishing and coating effects tame frizzy hair and prevent breakage & split ends.

Our Coconut Henna Rosemary Hair Oil also acts as a scalp treatment for hair loss. Natural stimulating properties of Sesame and Rosemary and enzyme inhibiting Amla promote hair growth and slow hair loss, including pattern baldness. Thanks to the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity of Henna, Lemon and other oils help combat dandruff and calm inflamed irritated scalp. Naturally cooling Henna contains pigments that darken hair addressing visible signs of premature greying. The result is a healthy, vibrant, thick coat that resists falling.