Bio-oil 200 Ml


Bio-Oil 200ml

Bio-Oil 200ml is a great product for your skin. It will help you to diminish the uneven skin tone, improve appearance of scars and increase your skin’s elasticity, so to decrease stretch marks. Bio-Oil 200ml feeds your skin with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and the natural plant oils Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile. Bio-Oil 200ml is also very effective for skin concerns such as dehydrated skin and aging skin.

How Bio-Oil 200ml improves the appearance of scars?

The secret of the product is in improving the condition of skin with scar tissue. As a facial moisturizer, Bio-Oil 200ml is very effective in reducing the appearances of new and old scars. This skin care product alleviates the discomfort frequently associated with scars, such as tightness and itchiness, as well as relieving the dryness.

How Bio-Oil 200ml improves the stretch marks?

When there is a rapid change in body size, stretch marks appear. It can happen in situations of pregnancy, adolescence or rapid weight loss. In situation like this, Bio-Oil 200ml is there for you to help. Based on its key ingredients, Bio-Oil 200ml keeps your skin as elastic as possible. By keeping it elastic, the product prevents the stretch marks from developing. Another advantage of this products is that it not only prevents developing new stretch marks, but also reduces the appearances of existing ones!

Bio-Oil 200ml is also very effective for firm, smooth and nourish ageing and wrinkled skin. Again, thanks to its elastic effect, Bio-Oil 200ml will help you to look few years younger!

Bio-Oil 200ml is based on PurCellin Oil. It makes this skin care oil non-greasy and light which helps for the better and quicker absorption of the key ingredients of Bio-Oil 200ml.

Bio Oil 200ml is the winner of Sunday Times Style Awards (2015) as a Best Multi Tasker and the winner of the Best Overall Classic Product and the Best Classic Bodycare Product at The Beauty Awards (2014) as a Best Skin Care Product.

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Bio-Oil 200ml diminishes the uneven skin tone, improves appearance of scars and increases your skin ‘;s elasticity. Bio-Oil is also very effective for skin concerns such as dehydrated skin and aging skin.