Menopause Test (1)




SELFCheck Menopause Test Kit is a simple and reliable test to determine whether you have had your last period and reached the postmenopausal stage. This is a fast and reliable test which shows results within 10 minutes.

Benefits of SELFCheck Menopause Test Kit:

  • Rapid test to detect human follicle stimulating hormone (a marker for transition into postmenopausal).
  • Fast & reliable – visual result within 10 minutes.
  • Sensitive to 25 mlU hFSH/ml.
  • A small portion of women cease menstruating abruptly with no previous signs of irregularity. But the majority of women experience menstrual irregularity and therefore need confirmation that they are experiencing postmenopausal.
  • With this test a woman can determine if she is experiencing perimenopausal or postmenopausal to enable her to seek guidance and appropriate advice from her physician.
  • FSH levels normally vary between 10 and 20 miU/ml in women. After transition into post menopause these increase to over 25mU/ml.
  • This test detects levels of up to 25mU/ml.

What will the menopause test tell me?

Women reach the menopause at an average age of 50 however there is a wide variation between 39 and 59. Using this test, you will be able to reliably identify whether you have gone through the menopausal transition phase.

When do I perform this test?

The test may be performed at any time of the day, but it is recommended that an early morning urine sample is used.

What does the result tell me?

If two purple lines appear in the result window, and the lower line is the same shade or darker than the upper line then your result is positive. You should repeat the test with the second test stick after exactly one week. if both tests yield a positive result you can assume that you have reached post menopause. If two purple lines appear in the result window and the upper line is significantly darker shade than the lower line. this means the test has been correctly performed, but you have not yet reached post menopause. The same applies if only one line appears. In this case you do not need to use the second test strip.


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